Vegetable Garden Update

Back in August, I detailed the new vegetable garden raised beds that my wife and I put in our backyard. The garden beds were set up primarily for next year’s Spring/Summer planting, so there hasn’t been too much commotion – but we did get the rhubarb plants split and transferred. Those suckers must have been pretty old because they had huge roots but yielded very little, though we did manage to get a couple strawberry rhubarb pies out of them. I’m guessing the previous owners never split them – and I know the soil there certainly was not great.

I’m a beginner when it comes to gardening so I just took a shovel and split up the roots and threw out the large woody ones that were too deep already and tried to plant a handful of split roots in the new garden. We’re taking the approach of trying to plant about five plants and see which ones take off. If they start growing much larger, then we’ll probably pull out the stragglers so the strong ones have more room.

I also took some of our herbs we’d been growing from a Christmas stocking stuffer of Chia Herbs (yes, you read that right). The herbs had a rough go in the beginning when we had them in pots – we just hadn’t given them enough sun exposure so they started out pretty scraggly and “leggy”. The Basil recovered over the summer, and the Parsley slowly did as well. The Cilantro is another story. It’s still very leggy and started having very small blooms and going to seed. I’ve never tried to grow any before so I’m not sure if I should have expected the normal leafy Cilantro from the supermarket in the first year or not. I’m also not sure if I should be saving the seeds/Coriander to plant next spring or plant them in the garden now. So far I’ve planted them in the garden, but I may hold off a handful in a baggy for next spring to plant. You can see my tentativeness with the Cilantro, as I still haven’t transferred it to the garden fully. We’ve got a few other herb seeds from that same Chia Herb pack: Dill, Chives and Sweet Marjoram. This suckers will be put in next year.

Lastly, we had some organic garlic cloves starting to sprout in our refrigerator, so rather than toss it, I split it up and planted it in the garden. Some animals dug up a good number of the cloves, but we do have two good sprouts coming up.

Here’s a quick visual update on the garden:

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