Unclaimed Money

I’m a penny pincher, I admit it. I’ve always kept pretty close tabs on my money. But after a news story a few years back, my wife started searching for unclaimed money in her name, my name, our family members – anyone she could think of, it was addictive. Anyways, I was amazed to find that there were unclaimed funds from a job I held in high school. Apparently, they didn’t try all too hard to send part of a final paycheck – even though the name, address and all information was correct. Maybe they just lost it in their files? Who knows.

Beyond that, my parents had some unclaimed money from MetLife that were over $100 each; and an Aunt had some as well. Think of it as searching the state’s couch cushions or a pay phone for some spare change. You’ll probably come up empty, but it’s a good feeling and takes no time to try.


There are a ton of “Unclaimed Money” scams out there. A good way to spot this? They come to you: whether they call, mail, email or advertise to you. If someone is saying they can find lost money for you and then ask you for money or to call a number so they can search for you be very skeptical.

You can get more details on how to avoid the scammers at http://www.scambusters.org/unclaimed-money.html and http://www.unclaimed.org/what/

How Can I Check?

It’s pretty simple to go ahead and check for yourself.

Here are some legitimate places to search:

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