Target Offering $200 iPad Trade In

For those of you with an old iPad or iPad 2 hanging around, target is currently offering a minimum $200 “gift card” for trading in your iPad. This is a great deal for older iPads since this is much higher than typical trade in or resale value. The offer runs through November 9th, 2013 and must be done in-store at a Target location with a “mobile center”.

To find a store, click here and enter your zipcode and select “Target Mobile”. Call ahead to see when an employee will be manning the center, since it appears they’re special employees that are around for specific hours.

You’ll need to bring in your iPad to the center. It must be able to power on and have no damage to the screen. The employee will go into the settings to record the model number, turn off “Find My iPad”, and ask you to wipe it back to factory settings after that.

The employee didn’t want my charger block or cord, so I kept those.

I traded in an iPad (1st generation) and iPad 2 and received two $200 cards. Without the promotion, I would have received $65 for the iPad 1 and $125 for the iPad 2. You can read more about how to use Target Electronics Trade-In Cards at on the page I created dedicated to that, since it is a rather involved process…

Target is also running a $479 price matching special on the new iPad Air. They offer the black one only online at, and the white in stores. You’ll want to check availability online (and confirm by calling the store first) if you’re looking for one. This price is generally available at Best Buy and Walmart as well (Wal-Mart offered the price and the others are matching it now, though I think you need to mention it to get the price at Best Buy).


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