Net Worth: June 2014 Progress

Another month, another net worth update! Finally the markets are slowly going in our favor again more consistently. But we’re starting to see the signs of increasing expenses related to home improvement and the upcoming baby creeping up on us!

The Numbers

For background on the methodology and definitions, see Net Worth: September 2013 Progress. I’m including the past two months for comparisons now, but the “difference” values are computed for the past month’s changes.

Category April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 Difference
Net Worth $600,277.24 $613,165.46 $626,464.68 + $13,299.22 + 2.17 %
 Assets $986,768.27 $993,845.74 $1,007,587.76 + $13,742.02 + 1.38 %
— Real Estate $592,492.00 $589,385.00 $588,239.00 – $1,146.00 – 0.19 %
— Automobiles $25,000.00 $25,000.00 $24,175.00 – $825.00 – 3.30 %
— Investments $352,866.35 $364,260.68 $377,384.50 + $13,123.82 + 3.60 %
— Cash $16,409.92 $15,200.06 $17,789.26 + $2,589.20 + 17.0 %
 Liabilities $386,491.03 $380,680.28 $381,123.08 + $442.80 + 0.12 %
— Mortgages $357,838.35 $354,056.12 $352,350.10 – $1,706.02 – 0.48 %
— Auto Loan $24,470.54 $24,049.23 $23,629.41 – $419.82 – 1.75 %
— Credit Card $4,182.14 $2,574.93 $5,143.57 + $2,568.64 + 99.76 %


The Month

We started the year off much, much better in terms of month to month cashflow by bringing our expenses down, only to be defeated overall by the poor market. Looks like now we may be starting to reverse trend on both accounts.

We’ve started back up on the bathroom remodel doing plenty of work on the custom shower. As a result, I’ve racked up a good balance on my Lowe’s credit card, and in general we’ve just been spending quite a bit more in anticipation of our baby. We’ve bought a crib, dresser, and mattress. My wife has been scoring some cheaper deals on newborn clothes from a local mom exchange. We can’t hold our expenses as low as May every month, unfortunately. at least not until we stop remodeling and getting things for baby.

You may notice now that the automobile value went down. That’s because we can finally track the 2014 CX-5 in Mint against Kelly Blue Book value automatically. So the small drop in value isn’t a surprise. After all, it’s a new car, so that value is likely to drop slowly but surely for years and years.

The best news is that we’re no longer bleeding in our investment category. It really is quote demoralizing to be maxing out my 401k and still be losing money on top of that, as we did for a few months. Now we’re getting the nice boost from contributions plus a rising market. It makes a huge difference! And now for the very first time, because of that rising market, my total assets have hit the one million mark. That’s pretty amazing to see, and to write. We’re also getting very close to my investment total matching my liability balance. That seems like a good tipping point where I have more of money working for me than I do working against me.

All in all, a very good month!



5 thoughts on “Net Worth: June 2014 Progress

    • Thanks! It’s certainly humbling and gratifying to hit a number like that. I try to remind myself that assets alone mean nothing so I don’t get a big head about it and start spending like an idiot.

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