Master Bathroom Demolition

We here at the Big Day Coming house tend to be in a constant state of construction. You see, we bought a nice big house in a nice good school district looking ahead to starting our family. The house was way under market because it needed some serious remodeling and no one was willing to put in the work. The house list price dropped from $220,000 all the way down to $169,900 over the course of a year and two realtors until we came upon it when casually browsing the listings. A house in a nice neighborhood and good school district? With cheap electric?! And passive solar heating already hooked up? What gives?

The answer, as it typically is, is that everyone wants a nice shiny completely new or update house with no work for them to do. This house is just the opposite. Every room needs a new coat of paint, new blinds, some furniture. The bathrooms and kitchen needed to just be demolished and started over. We’re working with yellow toilets and green tubs here folks! Our only mistake was that we got started on the family so quickly! It definitely accelerated our remodeling plans. So lesson learned for the next life: Remodel quickly first, then have a baby. They tend to not like loud noises while they sleep, and insist in attention when they’re not asleep. Who knew?

We’ve already gutted and remodeled our kitchen; broke out some nasty old brick tiles in the hallway and replaced them with nice new porcelain tiles; painted nearly every room; carpeted the baby room and family room; added a runner to the stairs; replaced a bad stair tread; did a total makeover on the landscaping with edging and mulch; gotten some trees taken down and trimmed; and gutted our “powder room” downstairs putting in new tile, a new vanity, new toilet, lights and mirror.

Our current project is our “master bathroom”. That name is very misleading. Our closet was bigger than the bathroom when we began. The room was used only sparingly, and we kept talking about how we needed to open it up. So we’re working on cutting our closet depth in half, throwing the shower in the back half, and removing a wall in the bathroom.

We’re mostly done with the demolition of the bathroom now and moving on to re-work the plumbing with the new layout. My father and I are not plumbers or electricians, but we’ll be moving some wiring and pipes to accommodate the new layout. We nearly punted and called a plumber to do the work, but since we found out about Sharkbite/Gatorbite/push-fit adapters for plumbing¬†we’ve been much happier working on existing plumbing – and it turns out you can order large versions for drain pipes that are 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ diameters. It sure beats using a blowtorch and sweating on new fittings all the time worrying you’re going to start your house on fire. Hopefully we’ll get this stuff done quickly, before my father goes south for the winter!

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