A Free Shed

Another score for our family! We’ve had a very full garage all summer and into the fall – filled with supplies for remodeling, strollers, toys, a wagon and a bunch of lawn items: lawn mower, trimmer, spreader, cart. It’s been so full we haven’t been able to fit my wife’s car in there. That’s fine when the weather’s nice, but we’re quickly approaching Winter here. And I fully subscribe to the “happy wife, happy life” philosophy. Brushing snow off the car at 4 am does not make for a happy wife.

The solution to this is pretty obvious to us: get a shed.¬†We just didn’t have to time to go get one and it wasn’t in our budget in the short term. But we got lucky and scored one for free! Whoo hoo, free shed!

We’d been aware we really needed to get a shed so that we could get the lawn mower, cart, trimmer, spreaders and gardening tools out of the garage. It’s like an episode of Hoarders in there! (OK, maybe not that bad). But we’ve been busy working on other higher priority things like remodeling the bathroom or re-landscaping the yard.

We knew my wife’s aunt and uncle were planning to downsize from their current home to a 2-bedroom apartment, so we seized the opportunity. You see, they have three sheds. Three! So we asked them nicely if they could spare one before they sold the house and voila! We got ourselves a nice 7′ x 7′ shed!

It never hurts to ask for hand-me-downs people!

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