Free Plants: Part Two

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At the beginning of this month I published an article about getting plants free by asking for cuttings/splits. A number of people liked the idea and recommended it, but of course plenty of reddit complainers said that was worthless advice, “sketchy” and suggested people should set up neighborhood plant exchanges instead. Well, let’s try and satisfy some of the complainers by suggesting even more ways to get free plants.

Now, both of these suggestions are sort of free. Free-ish.

First up: The Arbor Day Foundation. Shortly after buying my first home I received a mass mailing from them, but for some reason I didn’t toss this in the recycling bin along with the other junk mail. I actually went through it. They gave a catalog of plants and trees to choose from and they’d mail out your choices to you. I chose a Flowering Crape Myrtle. When it arrived, it was a tiny little twig, not much to look at. But I stuck it in the ground and let it go. It’s about five years now, but I have a beautiful tree in my front yard thanks to this. The deal goes like this: You pay $10 for a 6-month membership. As part of joining you can choose 10 free trees and can get discounts on trees from their catalog. So while they say the trees are “free”, it does cost you the $10 membership fee (or $1.00 per tree). Also keep in mind, these are not full-grown trees: you’ll be getting tiny little twigs that will mature over years.

Looks like there’s another avenue to get plants free*: Free Plant of the Month Club. This is an organization based around more or less the same concept as my last post about free plants – making use of someone else’s plants that would otherwise go in the garbage. This organization revolves around nurseries giving away plants that went unsold and would otherwise go to waste. Technically it is not 100% free as you need to pay $6.95 for shipping and handling each time, but it is a very cheap way to spruce up your garden and landscape. And if you’re not interested in getting free-ish plant every month, you can visit to see what plant they’re giving away fro the current month and just ask for this month’s plant.

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