Free Apple Apps for Mac, iOS

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough free stuff for my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Yes, they’re not frugal – but I received them from work, as gifts, and subsidized from a gift.

In any case, there’s free stuff for them out there! Get it while it’s hot, people!

Free Apple Apps on Your Mac

For those of you who have new iPad Airs or other new devices, you can get the iWork and iLife apps for free on them already. But for people who already owned a Mac there’s a neat little loophole to get iWork, iLife and Aperture apps for free: download an old free trial and then update using the Mac App Store!


First head over to Softpedia and grab the ’09 iWork Trial. Download it, double click the DMG and then go through the install. Open up the trail app at least once and then close it out. Now open your Mac App Store app and check for updates. Voila! You should be able to upgrade to the latest versions for free.


Hit up this link to grab the iLife ’11 DMG. As above, install it and then check for updates on the Mac App store. Bam!


Grab Aperture 3.0.3 Trial DMG from here. You need a trail key. I’m told this one works: F-349-YAX-243-YBB-261-QMV-435-QHG-FEA-5SMX. Then follow the same process as above for the others.

Not a Bug

According to Apple this is a result of how apps are developed and maintained now using the App Store, and it does allow for free trials and pirated copies to update to full new versions. They are trusting users to do the right thing and not to crack down on “piracy” since this does make their maintenance and support easier. So, Apple is aware and basically are guilting you to buy these apps rather than grab free versions through the loophole. So, do with this information what you will and let your conscience be your guide. Now on to the officially sanctioned, no-guilt-trip free stuff…

12 Days of Gifts App

For those of you with iPads and iPhones, there’s an app from Apple called 12 Days of Gifts that is promising 12 downloads starting December 26th. Each day a new item will be offered for free from the app. Looking at the FAQ, it appears these could be apps, books, movie rentals, or TV show episodes.

4 thoughts on “Free Apple Apps for Mac, iOS

  1. Just for future reference, the trial key posted no longer is valid. However, the link to the trial version of Aperture is still active and the following key did work as of about 10 minutes ago…E-321-JAQ-387-KKC-187-GZN-111-NPT-1LB-5S7X. Thank you for sharing the link as viable ones are hard to come by lately. I have been scouring the search engines for the last 4 days and stumbled upon this one today.

  2. @Tari – The trial key in the main article worked fine for me on 4/6/14. Yet, thanks for posting another. More never hurts. 🙂

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