Comcast Buying Time Warner?

Uh oh. Looks like Comcast is planning to buy Time Warner. The combined company would service roughly 30% of all TV customers in the U.S.! And if I remember my local newscast properly, roughly 1 in 3 internet customers.

Time Warner is my own internet provider and well – I’m not a huge fan. I’m desperately hoping someday we’ll have another competitor as an option. But that’s pretty much just blind faith and hope. But being taken over by Comcast? Even worse!


That’s right, Comcast charges modem rental fees. Time Warner does the same, and I’ve already outlined how to buy your own cable modem for Time Warner customers and end the lease fees. Well in honor of this news, and in anticipation that I may now be a Comcast customer by year’s end, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a page on how to buy your own Comcast modem and eliminate the rental fees of $7 a month. Seriously, $84 a year in fees on top of the ridiculous rates they charge you for internet access and cable TV. It’s highway robbery.

Net Neutrality and Why Netflix Looks Like It Sucks All of a Sudden

The reality is that people often have no real choice these days for internet. And that fact is now getting harder to stomach since a judge struck down net neutrality recently. A quick primer: Net Neutrality refers to the idea that ISP like Comcast or Time Warner can’t prioritize (or demote) certain traffic on their networks. Your Netflix video is treated like my online gaming, which is treated like someone else’s web browsing or Pandora. Companies weren’t supposed to be able to throttle certain types of traffic or traffic to/form certain websites.

That’s now out the window and there’s mounting evidence that Comcast (and Verizon) is throttling traffic from services like Netflix. Funny how we get net neutrality thrown out, and then companies who have a competitive interest in making Netflix look and perform poorly have customers reporting that Netflix is performing very badly. Hmm…

Can someone please tell Google to expand it’s Google Fiber service much quicker? Or maybe you guys can all pretend to live in my neighborhood and get Greenlight Networks to wire it up.

2 thoughts on “Comcast Buying Time Warner?

  1. My hope is that the government stops this merger. It’s obviously anti-competitive. The only reason two large companies like this merge is to increase their power over customers or suppliers. Not good news for their service level or their fees. One is going down and the other is going up.

    • This seems like an obvious case where the government should disallow the merger for competitive reasons. These companies already often operate as a monopoly in nearly every city. This would only further cement it. Oh, and on a totally unrelated note (sure!), Time Warner just mailed out a note detailing their new increased rates. They bumped up all Internet plans another $3 a month.

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