Free Apple Apps for Mac, iOS

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough free stuff for my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Yes, they’re not frugal – but I received them from work, as gifts, and subsidized from a gift.

In any case, there’s free stuff for them out there! Get it while it’s hot, people!

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Take Advantage of the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit – Improve Your Insulation

We’re getting very close to year’s end, which is a good time to review any tax-related items on your todo list, as well as look forward to next year with a plan in mind to help reduce your taxable income. For many, the 2013 tax year plans may be too late at this point if you don’t have a lot of free cash, but at least going through the options may help you plan for next year. One high priority item for me is to improve my home’s energy efficiency and take advantage of the federal tax credits before they expire this year.

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How to Save Money at Home Depot

For those of us who like to do a lot of DIY projects, or have homes that need some remodeling, we spend an awful lot of time at Home Depot and Lowe’s buying tools and supplies. So it can pay to know how to save money at Home Depot.

I’m currently mid-remodel on our master bathroom – and we’ve already done a total remodel of our kitchen, a powder room, and the entranceway. Plus lots of painting, some carpet and decorating many other rooms. That adds up to pretty big money all told. I’m always on the look out for ways to trim my home remodel expenses. Hopefully this guide will help you as well.

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Passive Solar Heating

When my wife and I purchased our home last year we ran into a neat feature I had never seen before: passive solar heating. Most of the articles you’ll find online use the same term for the planning, design and building of homes and buildings with an eye towards using thermal mass, windows, and sun orientation/angles to try and make use of the sun’s heat to  passively heat during the colder months and block the sun off during summer months. This is a nice concept, but doesn’t really help people who already have homes built or aren’t planning to do a huge makeover on the south-facing side of their homes. Ours is an actual system added to the home. From what we can tell it appears that the system was installed in the 1980’s when the original owner added an expansion to the second floor (more than a decade after the house was built). Continue reading

Target Offering $200 iPad Trade In

For those of you with an old iPad or iPad 2 hanging around, target is currently offering a minimum $200 “gift card” for trading in your iPad. This is a great deal for older iPads since this is much higher than typical trade in or resale value. The offer runs through November 9th, 2013 and must be done in-store at a Target location with a “mobile center”.

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ALDI Coupon $10 off $40

A rare ALDI coupon, and it’s a good one! For those of you guys who are frugal shoppers at ALDI there’s a great $10 off coupon available that is valid through November 15th. It requires a $40 minimum, excludes alcohol and is limited to one per family.

Click to enlarge and print

Click to enlarge and print

Update: I just tried to use this coupon and it was not honored by my local ALDI! Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about that. So if shopping at ALDI isn’t already part of your normal grocery stops, don’t go out of your way to try and use this coupon.

For those unfamiliar, ALDI is a discount grocer. We like to grab snacks there, like pastry crisps, protein bars and store branded alternatives to the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (great desserts for a diet). I remember trying the grocer a couple times with an upturned nose and snotty attitude walking out with nothing in the past, but finally saw the light and realized what products I did and didn’t like.

Another tip for first-timers: bring a quarter for the cart and your own reusable bags. Part of how they keep prices low is by saving on labor. So you bag your own groceries and return your own cart (or lose your quarter).