Getting Started: Track Your Savings, Expenses and Cash Flow

A great number of people have no idea where to begin to get out of debt or start saving for the future. They’ll check their bank accounts, maybe balance checkbooks. Here’s the problem – if you don’t have a full picture of your financial health you can’t make informed decisions about what to do with your money or get an accurate gauge of where you’re at. This step is more important than any other – this is what you should be doing first! You can’t budget, properly paying down debt, making decisions about savings or track your efforts in being more frugal if you don’t have a handle on your cash flow.

This article is for true beginners to get started tracking their accounts, bills, etc. If you already track your cash flow, net worth, expenses and savings – well good job. Let us know if you have any suggestions to share, or maybe try out some of the alternatives here. There are always new services springing up to help people out here.

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