Good News: I’m Getting a Raise!

Hey everybody – long time no talk. Life’s been a little hectic around the Big Day Coming household. We’ve gotten back started on our kitchen remodel, and now that nicer weather is around we have an endless amount of outdoor work to get done. Mowing, trimming, mulching, weeding, gardening, chainsawing (yeah!), seeding. It seems like it never ends. We sure did pick a heck of a project house, inside and out. Oh well, it keeps us busy.

Things have also been pretty busy at my job. In fact, things have even become a little stressful. But, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Today I wanted to share my good news: I’m getting a raise!

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How to Get Free Money: $200+ Cash to Open Capital One 360 Accounts

Looking how to get free money just for opening some accounts? There’s a great deal going on for Black Friday from Capital One 360 (the new name for what used to be ING Direct). If you sign up for a Savings account with a $500+ deposit you can get a $75 bonus. If you sign up for a Checking account and perform some combination of 5 purchases using their debit card and/or 5 remote check deposits using their app (within 45 days) you’ll earn $125. Unfortunately, the bonus doesn’t apply for those who already have an account (like me) – but that limit is per account type. So while I have a savings account with them and can’t claim their $75 bonus, I didn’t have a checking account, so I can claim the $125 bonus!

The deal is running today (November 29th) through December 2nd. I can personally vouch that their savings account works nicely for me and I use it as my emergency savings account. I set up an automatic transfer bi-monthly from our checking account to it and it earns 0.75%. While not amazing, this is a pretty good rate relative for the current environment (and they traditionally have been one of the companies offering one of the highest rates).


$75 Free: Open a 360 Savings Account

This is the simpler deal to get. Simply click here to get started opening a 360 Savings account. Deposit $500+ initially and get a $75 bonus. After 30 days you can transfer the bonus out. 360 Savings account have no fees or minimums. So even if you don’t want to keep your cash there, you can deposit $500, wait 30 days and transfer all $575 out. A cool $75 for parking a small amount of cash in another account for a month!

Keep in mind this deal is only good for people who don’t already have a savings account with the company (including Orange Savings Accounts). You really just need a few minutes and a check/checkbook to use to link up your existing checking account to do the deposit.


$125 Free: Open a 360 Checking Account

This deal only has a couple extra conditions: You must activate your 360 Checking MasterCard® Debit Card that they mail to you. You must also make a combination of 5 debit card purchases from the account and/or 5 remote check deposits using their app within 45 days. If you do so, on day 50 they credit your account for $125!

So click here to get started opening a 360 Checking account. There’s no stated minimum deposit for this one, so you can really just open this account immediately with a couple bucks. I personally used $5 to start mine. Again, these accounts have minimums and no fees. You can’t claim this deal if you already have a checking account with them (including an Electric Orange account). Luckily, I don’t so I’ve already claimed this deal myself!


Chain the Deal to get $200 Free!

There’s no reason you can’t claim both these deals! You can open a 360 Checking account without any minimum, so you can easily just transfer over like a $1. I personally transferred $5. Then you can open a 360 Savings account with a $500 deposit from another checking account. Wait 5 days for that deposit to clear, transfer it over to the 360 Checking and make 5 small purchases using their debit card and that $500.

Or if you don’t want to spend any of it, there’s no reason you can just use their app to make 5 small deposits to the 360 Checking account using the same checking account/checkbook you used to open your 360 Savings account. After the 5 days for the $500 deposit to 360 Savings clears, transfer that back to your original checking account you used to fund it. Then wait a couple business days for it to clear, write yourself 5 small paper checks and use their app to deposit them to your 360 Checking account. Wait for them to clear and transfer them back to the original account again. You’ll earn $200 just for moving your money around a few times.


Jobs Without a Degree: Become an Uber Driver!

Good news for those of you looking for jobs without a degree came out today from Uber, the private car service startup – It could be just what you’re looking for. For those of you who aren’t aware of the company, it operates a new-fangled town-car service. Basically they offer an app, you use it to request a ride and a car comes to pick you up at your location and take you to your destination. Think like a nicer taxi service where you don’t need to stand by a curb waving your arms hoping one will pull over and pick you up. They have a variety of car options with varying pricing: a Prius, an Escalade, a Caddy, a Taxi, etc.

In the markets where they’ve started to take off, they’re really taking off and having issues meeting demand with driver supply. They’ve been using peak demand pricing to up the price to try and affect the supply/demand imbalance, but that can only take them so far. They really need more drivers out there in these cities. So they’ve decided to partner with auto manufacturers to help drivers get a sweet deal on financing.

They’re stating the drivers can save $100 – $200 a month on payments and Uber can even estimate the gross revenue per car – which they say is more than $100,000 a year! Ka-ching! Now, I know that’s the gross figure and I’m sure you have to pay a lot for maintenance and upkeep of these vehicles, plus the car payments – but this right here sounds like a pretty sweet stimulus package for people who might be looking for a new job/career. Hustle baby.

Uber is running a trial in the cities with the most demand: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. In case this sounds like something you might wanna look into, check out Uber’s driver signup page.

How to Earn Extra Money: Scrap Metal

People are always on the look out for how to earn extra money, and get ahead on their bills, savings and retirement. Here’s an interesting one: scrap metal recycling.

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