Buy Your Own Modem and Stick it to Time Warner Cable / Roadrunner

Time Warner Cable started charging a “lease fee” for their cable modems back in November of last year for $3.95 a month. Now they’re sticking it to customers again by raising the rates to $5.99 a month! It’s absurd. Oftentimes the cable modems they provide are bare bones cheapies that you can easily get on AmazonBuy your own modem for Time Warner Cable / Roadrunner to avoid the ridiculous lease fee they charge. Make your money back in a few months!

At the new rate, it’d take just over four months to recover the cost buying that base model uBee cable modem I linked. I strongly suggest you grab one today and return theirs to get rid of that fee. If you have a higher-tier service level it may require a slightly nicer modem. I personally grabbed the Motorola SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 High-Speed Cable Modem. It’s worked great for me, and if they ever bump my service speed or I upgrade to a higher service level I should be covered. Plus it’s on their officially supported listing. Of course, for a nicer quality modem the payback period becomes around 15 months.

Update: I’ve posted an easy list of Comcast-supported modems and routers that you can grab, which may be helpful now that Comcast is buying Time Warner.

Combined Modem / Wireless Router

For those of you who have a combined cable modem with a wireless router from them, you can try the Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580. That’ll take 22 months to pay back (assuming they don’t raise the rates again!). You could also just grab a cable modem and wireless router separately. Grab one of the cable modems I previously listed and then grab a wireless N router. It’s the same wireless speed as the combined wireless modem gives, plus you can upgrade each piece separately as needed. You’re much more likely to want to get a faster wireless router for your home over time as your laptops, iPads, phones support newer protocols like “ac”.

In any case, don’t just blindly pay those lease fees! Stick it to Time Warner (or your other cable internet providers) and buy your own and return theirs. You’ll get a better modem and you’ll spend less over time.

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