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Comcast has been charging their customers lease fees to rent the modem they provide when you sign up for their services. What initially started out as $3 a month fee then went to $5 a month, and is currently $7 a month. That’s right, you’re paying an additional $84 a year in fees on top of the advertised price of their services. Get rid of the rental fee: buy your own Comcast modem!

Please note that some models are only available used, or can be found much cheaper used. In some cases these will be old modems from other Comcast customers and Comcast will deny activating them because they are “missing” modems – their term for modems of prior customers who leased and never returned the modem. Be sure there’s an ability to return a used modem before you buy it, just in case Comcast says it’s a “missing” modem!

The links below are pointers to grab these models off of Amazon. The list is a smaller version of the “official” listing available from Comcast. I took the liberty of filtering down to devices that worked on all “speed tiers”, as well as only including ones I could actually find for sale. Personally I use and recommend the Motorola SURFBoard modems below. They actually work with all the major ISPs like Time Warner, Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox, etc.

If You Have Phone Service As Well…

Comcast uses a special “Telephony” modem to provide service to customers who have internet and phone service. As a result, a special modem is needed to replace the one they lease to you.

If you currently have a combined cable modem and wireless router, that is referred to as a Gateway. So you have the option of buying a replacement Telephony gateway, or buying a replacement Telephony Cable Modem and a separate Wireless Router.

Certified Telephone Gateways

Certified Telephony Modems

If you Don’t Have Telephone Service…

The you don’t need a special Telephony mode. If you have a combined modem and wireless router, that is referred to as a Gateway. You can buy a gateway to replace it, or buy a cable modem and wireless router separately.

Certified Gateways

Certified Cable Modems

If You Had a Gateway and Are Replacing With a Modem and Router Separately

Wireless Routers

You can technically buy any router that will work in your home with the devices you have. ¬†The latest official wireless standard is “ac”, with “ad” expected to be finalized this month. Most people still only have 802.11b, g or n devices yet. If you only have devices capable of using the 802.11n standard or lower (a/b/g/n), you can grab an older (and cheaper) router from the listing of Wireless N routers. If you’d like to be up to date with the latest released standard of 802.11ac, check out this list of Wireless AC Routers. 802.11ad is new enough that you likely won’t own any capable devices for many years.


If you’re still getting charged a rental fee after replacing the modem, visit¬†this forum posting for info on how to open a support ticket so that Comcast will not charge you any more!

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