Bathroom Remodel: It’s a Half Bath!

The master bathroom remodel is continuing along here at the Big Day Coming house. The going was pretty slow when we got past demolition and had to reroute the plumbing, frame out the new layout and get the drywall up.

But, over the last couple weeks we’ve managed to put down plywood to replace the sections we tore up to re-plumb, laid down cement board, put up drywall, done the electrical and tiled the floor. This past week we finally got the tile grouted and sealed and put the new toilet and vanity in.┬áThankfully the project started coming together much quicker once the plumbing and venting was done. I haven’t tackled a project that involved so much work in terms of re-plumbing and knocking down walls before, so the pace was a bit slow.

The project’s next major hurdle is doing the shower, which will be on hold for the next five weeks while my father is down in Florida escaping the snow. So in the meantime I’ll be putting on base molding, replacing an outlet, putting up some of the fixtures like the toilet paper dispenser, mirror, towel bars, and robe hooks. And, the grunt work will be to see if I can scrape off the ceiling stippling so we don’t need to replace all the ceiling drywall (or try to poorly match the pattern on the new section we put up where the shower used to be).

All in all, my wife and I are really happy with the way this is turning out. Take a peek for yourself:

For those of you interested in what we’ve put into this bathroom, here are some pointers for the materials (with links to at least one of the places you can buy it online):


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel: It’s a Half Bath!

    • Thanks! Yeah, we’re planning to do a fairly large standup-shower (40″ x 48″). The difficult part for us will be doing the shower pan, since we’ll be doing this with poured concrete rather than using one of those pre-cast pans – which is a new thing for us to try (the sloped/poured pan, we’ve actually already done some poured concrete in this house’s remodel). We’ll likely be taking some hints from Mr. Money Mustache’s post.

      The shower itself will have a couple shelves built-in for our stuff, and will have 4 very small LED recessed lights and a “rainfall” shower head.

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