Bathroom Remodel: Drains Plumbed!

We’re currently mid-remodel on our”master” bathroom here in the big Day Coming household. Last week, I was out in Silicon Valley California for a business trip, so when I returned Friday my father and I set up Saturday as another bathroom remodel working day. We’re trying to get as much work done on free days as we can before he and my mother head south for the winter. Here’s hoping we have a sustained Indian Summer to keep them up here longer…

Our last working day turned out to be rather unproductive. We used the wrong couplers to join copper and PVC drains and had to cut them out and start over. We spent more time at plumbing supply and home improvement stores than we did getting things done, but we did manage to plumb the trickiest section of the drain. So lesson learned the hard way – you can use Fernco rubber couplers to join copper and PVC – just be sure to use “shielded” ones (a metal sheathing wraps on the outside of the rubber, but under the clamps) when you won’t have access to them after they’re installed (i.e. they’re under a floor or in a wall that you don’t have an access panel). So we used couplers that cost 1/10th the cost of the original heavy-duty push fit couplers I bought online – a costly lesson!

This past Saturday we had much better results. We spent a good hour getting what we needed in the morning, but we were able to work the rest of the day without any hiccups. We finished plumbing the new shower up to and including the trap. We got the new vanity’s drain and supply lines plumbed. We converted copper to PVC on the toilet drain so we can make the flange level with the floor (the original owner had all the toilets on pedestals!). I even snuck in a quick capping of the old supply lines yesterday between halves (watching my Giants get clobbered).

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