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In this blog I talk about a number of personal finances issues, saving money on expenses, the importance of how much you save, and my own experiences – particularly DIY projects related to our home remodeling.

So who the heck am I?

I’m a 32 year old white guy. I work in Software Engineering (aka Computer Programming) and have been interested in it since I was a kid. I live in Western NY with my wife, our baby son, a dog and two cats. My goal is to be financially independent so that I can spend more time with my family and control what I choose to work on.

I currently expect to retire before I’m 42, though if the markets do well and we can do a better job paying off the mortgages more quickly that number may go down. Unfortunately, while I’ve had good wages and made a number of good financial decisions I’ve also made some pretty awful ones as well (like my divorce, stay tuned for posts on the mistakes). My net worth is roughly ~$540,000 made up of ~$300,000 in investments/retirement accounts and ~$220,000 in home equity across three homes.

I own a duplex, which I bought in 2005 with my ex-wife as our first home. We quickly learned that our plans for life had changed and I learned some hard financial and personal lessons.

Since then I’ve remarried and my wife and I bought a cheap but large family home in the suburbs, turning her townhouse into a rental. So I’m also a small-time landlord with three mortgages and three rental units; and we’re always doing some remodeling or other work on one of the homes.

I’ve been interested in finances and investing since I was a little kid. I started with a savings account in grade school. My father was a slightly early retiree who was rather frugal himself, and he obsessed over his 401k as he neared his retirement date. That happened to coincide with my teenage years, so I saw a lot of CNBC and created my own stock watch lists. I got a job as early as the state would allow (15) and paid for my own insurance and gas. I picked a well paying major, committed to college from home, and tuition played a large role in my college decision. As a result, I worked through college and paid off my student loans about one year out from graduating. I worked hard in my spare time on projects which led me to eventually get hired across the country in Silicon Valley.

I work from my home remotely and make a nice California tech wage. So, while I have worked hard and made good decisions in the past, I’ve also had luck play a role in helping accelerate my progress towards my goals.

With this blog, I’m hoping to share information: for people who haven’t started on how to get started; for those frugal people looking for different ways to save money; and to share my progress on my goal. I’m also hoping that you guys will share your own tips, troubles and stories – I could use the help!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Keep up the good work. I have been on this journey of financial enlightenment for 25 years (currently 50) and I wish you well on your journey toward financial freedom. Keep learning, keep doing, and keep helping. That approach has served me well and it can do the same for you. Onward!

  2. So you said you make Ca tech salary. Does that mean that you are located here in Cali. NorCal or SoCal? I recently attended a meet up hosted by budget and the beach.

    Also what’s your post schedule. Is my phone messed up or was your last update for Oct?

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