A Very Boogery Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s!

I have to be honest, this year Christmas was a bit of a bummer. My wife and I were super excited to celebrate our little guy’s first Christmas, but things didn’t pan out like we’d hoped. Our little man came down with his first real cold of his life, overnight Christmas Eve into Christmas morning. The poor little guy hadn’t been sick more than a day in his life before this, so we’d been pretty lucky so far.

We should have suspected when he slept much longer than usual for his naps on the day of Christmas Eve. Now we’ve been up the past three nights letting him sleep upright on our chests since that’s the only way he can sleep. It’s exhausting, but man is he still cute. They don’t tell you about the monotony of being awake from 2:30 am to 7am holding a coughing, runny-nosed baby who snores in all those brochures. The plus is that he looks so darned cute and is so helpless you don’t mind at all. But you do drink a lot more coffee and soda to stay upright.

It’d be awesome to sleep, but he won’t nap unless he’s on our chests either – and we’ve had three family Christmas events to do the last three days, so we haven’t been home during the days. Thankfully there’s only one left and that’s not for a couple days. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

But enough about our sleeplessness, how did everyone’s holidays go? As always we got spoiled rotten, especially our little dude. Our living room looks like Toys R Us exploded inside. We’re going to institute a policy of sweeping half his Christmas and birthday gifts (January) and hiding them in the basement, bringing a new one back up to play with every month or two. There’s just too much stuff for him to play with and use. I honestly think we’ll need to start asking the family to do stuff like savings bonds or gifts to his 529, because I don’t want to over spoil him. My wife and I see that quite a bit in some kids in our circle (that’s as specific as I’m getting!). We’ll also be stealing a nice idea from her cousins of having him round up his existing toys and picking a bunch to donate each year, rather than just tossing it all or trying to grab an extra buck off Craigslist – it’ll be a nice way to teach that we’re very fortunate.

How do you guys handle not spoiling your kids and teaching them to be appreciative and to remember that the season is not just about getting everything on your list?

2 thoughts on “A Very Boogery Christmas

  1. I’m going to start hiding all my babies’ toys and wrapping them up for Christmas the following year. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Bummer about the sickness [….] hasn’t happened to us yet, but I know it will eventually. Hope you get better.

    • I think you’d have to be pretty selective about what to re-wrap. They grow so fast, he’d be pretty uninterested in playing with most of the stuff from this past year since he’s just gone from infant to toddler (started walking two weeks ago!). Our plan was to get stuff that might require more attention and motor skills and hide that until later this year.

      Thankfully he slept through the night last night. He coughed himself awake a few times, but got back to sleep. So we finally got some sleep last night – on the fourth night.

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