$18 billion in Unclaimed Money

I’m not the only one pointing out there’s piles and piles of unclaimed money out there (some of which may be owed to you). NPR’s Planet Money has a nice infographic up on the $18 billion in unclaimed cash that the federal government is holding onto.

That’s right, the federal government is holding onto $18 billion of it, and as of 2011 the states had another $41.7 billion as well. The heavy majority of the federal money is in savings bonds that have never been cashed in. In fact there’s $16 billion of them out there. You may want to take a look and see if you’re one of the bond holders who hasn’t cashed in at www.treasuryhunt.gov. Another $900 million is in unclaimed tax refunds, which have a very short three year lifespan, after which the government expires the refund.

For more sites to look for unclaimed funds or more details, see my original post on the subject.

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