Rolling in the money

Good News: I’m Getting a Raise!

Hey everybody – long time no talk. Life’s been a little hectic around the Big Day Coming household. We’ve gotten back started on our kitchen remodel, and now that nicer weather is around we have an endless amount of outdoor work to get done. Mowing, trimming, mulching, weeding, gardening, chainsawing (yeah!), seeding. It seems like it never ends. We sure did pick a heck of a project house, inside and out. Oh well, it keeps us busy.

Things have also been pretty busy at my job. In fact, things have even become a little stressful. But, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Today I wanted to share my good news: I’m getting a raise!

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Net Worth Update

Net Worth: May 2014 Progress

Yet another solid month in terms of our expenses has us finally charting a good financial course again after the rough ride at the end of last year and into the beginning of 2014. With all the gifts between Christmas and a whole slew of family birthdays, plus the double whammy of a rebuilt transmission and a new car we had a tight few months. In addition, the market had been pretty rough on my accounts up until May. But finally the market has recovered and I’m back up.

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Net Worth Update

Net Worth: April 2014 Progress

In April, we had a solid month in terms of expenses, savings and paying off debt. However, our investments didn’t play along – So it’s yet another “go nowhere” month when looking at the top-line net worth figure. It’s a bit frustrating to see the top-line number stay pretty much the same this year so far, when we had such an amazing run-up last year. The past three months have given no actual growth, but the underlying numbers are much healthier now. Let’s take a look…

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Dinosaur "piggy" bank that served as a swear jar

The Lucrative Business of Swearing

Over the Easter weekend, my 15-month old son scored a couple easter eggs stuffed with dollar bills.┬áHe wasn’t too impressed and quickly tossed the bills aside as he stomped off towards another plastic egg to pull apart. My wife and I remarked that it was perhaps a bit young for my mother-in-law to be stuffing money in his easter eggs. He strongly preferred running outside over looking for eggs, let alone money over candy.

But while I was taking his two dollar bills and stuffing them into his “piggy” bank (which is actually a dinosaur, because I mean why not?), I stopped and thought to myself that he must have a pretty sizable chunk of change stored in there now.

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Seedlings in seed starter kit

Getting the Garden Started for Spring, Late

Ah, the month of April. It comes in fits and starts – cruelly tempting you with hot warm days full of sunshine, and then punishing your optimism by swinging violently back into winter. This past weekend we had a much needed injection of sunshine and heat, getting up to 80F and just as quickly this Monday we dropped 50F and had sleet and snow, continuing on into today.

But while we did have the nice weather, we took advantage. We spent lots of time outside with our son, walking around the neighborhood, chasing him around the yard. And while he and his pregnant mother napped, I took the time to get the vegetable garden ready.

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